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Lo svela una ricerca condotta da Netcomm, Consorzio del Commercio Elettronico Italiano, in collaborazione con Human Highway.

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E-Commerce Consulting

Made in Italy is facing a new challenge: e-business.

New sales channels and international markets are visible on the horizon to Italian companies but they remain largely unexplored.

LML is an E-COMMERCE CONSULTING FIRM born to lead Italian entrepreneurs and managers into the digital world and to bridge the cultural gap that can sometimes separate us from our peers in other EU countries and the U.S.A.

To be competitive at an international level you must think "multichannel" with a strategy that integrates traditional retail networks with new sales and communication channels that make the most of e-commerce, web marketing and Web 2.0 opportunities.

With Lodovico Marenco's thirty years' of experience in e-business in the tourism and fashion industries, LML COMPANY offers targeted design, development and training advice that will permit you to make the right choices and open doors to international markets that can only be accessed via digital networks.

If you are planning to start an e-commerce project or are interested in learning more about e-business opportunities, please contact me without obligation. Together we will find the best solution for your company!

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Interview on CNBC

CFN-CNBC. Special SMAU 2004.
Lodovico Marenco speaking about "" an e-commerce site of BasicNet


LML Company is a member of Netcomm



LML Company is a partner of Posteitaliane Group's PosteCommerce 

Poste Italiane


Lodovico Marenco is a trainer for TTGLAB